RANT: Someone ‘Better’

There is a finite number of times in life that you can truly consider your life as complete. Mostly, we lack a crucial element to making it whole, be it a satisfying career or that someone special to spend forever with. This post is focused primarily on the latter because I think it’s more difficult to find and just more interesting to post about.

Finding that special person is no easy task… Some wait, some desperately search, some steal, some borrow, and if you’re lucky enough to find that person, something else raises the stakes… Someone better (or at least the idea of someone better). Sure B is attractive, but this other person is more your type. Sure B has a sense of humor, but this person is more in your wavelength. Sure B is kind, but this other person is sweet. Oh, what a dilemma, right? You find yourself questioning if B is THE one… Maybe this other person is. Maybe it’s Destiny but with really bad timing. The maybes are endless.


There is no guidebook to this, I’m afraid, and I can’t definitively rule out any possibilities but in my own personal life, I’ve found that a ‘someone better’ mostly exists in one’s own imagination. Don’t get me wrong, this other person may be a good person too but this person will never be able to meet your expectations in the long run. Why you ask? It’s because this feeling you have of wanting someone ‘better’ is a fundamental flaw of any human being… We are never contented. We always want what isn’t ours and never appreciate what we already have.

Have you ever thought of the possibility that you can be replaced by someone better too? Of course you can! None are immune to this flaw, I’m afraid… But there is still hope. I have found that the happiest people I know learn to control this feeling. They learned to appreciate the flaws in their current partner and not look elsewhere for anything else. They realize that they too are flawed and these flaws are what makes them, well, Them. They work it out when there are problems, they don’t give up. They stick with it even when times are tough and at times, insurmountable. They don’t look elsewhere for relief, they find it in each other after the storm passes.

Indulging in the idea of a ‘someone better’ is dangerous and useless. It only adds to the feeling of restlessness and discontent that eventually leads to massive stupidity. Be grateful that someone loves you, flaws and all. Learn to appreciate what you have and you will be happy.


The Jolina Syndrome: Falling for your Best Friend.

Fact is, we all want to be loved. We do things, buy things, say things all to impress that certain someone we think is the one for us. If you’re lucky, that person feels the same way and that thing called Love happens. More often than not, it doesn’t. Worse case scenario, the person enjoys the attention you give and keeps you at arms length, giving you just enough incentive to hope that one day, he would finally realize what an idiot he is for not seeing you the way you want to be seen, just like in the movies, you know, the one where the girl best friend falls for the guy and he asks for Love advice from her? Sound familiar?


Well, with the intent to inform and enlighten, being someone who personally went through this situation in the past, I’ve come up with a list of 5 signs that the person you love just doesn’t feel the same way about you. If you’re in this situation now, you’ll probably relate to these:

1. You’re his closest confidant. He tells you his secrets, about the Good, the Bad, even the Ugly. This makes you feel like you know him like no one else does, like no one can possibly understand him like you do… Not even by the bitch girlfriend he talks to you about.

2. He needs you all the Time. He calls and texts you with utmost urgency and you always come to his aid. This makes you feel super important in his life, necessary. He can’t live without you so he must secretly be in-love with you, right?

3. He gets jealous of your other friends though he would never admit it. It’s ridiculous to think he could ever get jealous when you and him aren’t together, right? Wrong! He does and he will. He will show it by being distant, punishing you for not being at his beck and call. You, of course, will panic and apologize even when you did nothing wrong, to appease and reassure that he’s most important in your life.

4. You’re the back up plan. He and his girlfriend got into a fight? He’s not having fun at a party? He’s bored? No problem, you’re just a text away. You’re reliable, safe and you don’t demand much in return.

5. He introduces you to his other friends as his best friend. His other friends can clearly see how in-love with him you are but you fool yourself into thinking you’re happy being introduced just as his best friend. Ouch!

I could add more to this list, being somewhat of an expert on the subject matter myself but I feel like 5 is enough to shed some light into a situation that a lot of us will go through at least once in our life. Whether you recognize these signs early or not, getting out of it is an entirely different matter.

Hoping he loves you back, especially when you think you’re so close, is a powerful thing. Not a lot of people have the strength to give up, not until they absolutely have to.

Cebu Good Eats: Tokyo Table

image As the sign reads, it’s a smokeless grill, sushi, asian fusion restaurant and it certainly lives up to all of that. It’s an all you can eat place with a wide variety of ready to eat asian cuisine and raw food you can cook yourself on your very own table grill. There is also a very wide spread of desserts and unlimited drinks are already included in what you pay for. Definitely worth checking out. image image image image image image image Crowd: Mixed, mostly families and asian foreigners Food: Delicious. A very generous spread of varied asian fusion cuisine that a very friendly staff refills very quickly. Unlimited drinks included (750 on weekdays, 840 on weekends and holidays) 10/10 Location: Cebu Times Square, Tipolo, Mandaue City (Near Park Mall)

Good Eats Cebu: Cyma

Authentic Greek Food (at least that’s what is advertised). Pricey but I appreciated the serving options- Solo, For Sharing, Family. The ambiance is top notch and the service was impeccable with attentive and friendly staff.






Crowd: Layshousness and Foreigners
Price: Expensive
Food: Greek Goodness (just watch out for black olives). 9/10 but then again, I’m not Greek
Location: Ayala Terraces

Album Review: Rebel Heart by Madonna


Madonna’s 13th Album is about to drop next month and so many leaks and previews have already been made available on the internet so being a fan of hers, I made it my goal to listen to the tracks supposedly included in the final cut and review/describe them the best way I can.

1. Living for Love- Dancey Dancey. Gay Anthem. Begs to be remixed. Lead Single.

2. Devil Pray- reminds me of a Western… Conjures up images of a gunslinging Clint Eastwood. Unique.

3. Ghosttown- Ballad. Dramatic. Showcases her voice.

4. Unapologetic Bitch- Love the lyrics of this song but the instrumentals are very distracting.

5. Illuminati- A Hip-hop infused song. Hard to listen to.

6. Bitch I’m Madonna- Weirdest sounding song on the Album. Hip-hop infused. Featuring Nicki Minaj.

7. Hold Tight- Mid Tempo. Great to Groove to. Great instrumentals.

8. Joan of Arc- My favorite on this album. Clever lyrics and beautiful instrumentals. Should definitely be the second single.

9. Iconic- A very ‘Madonna’ sounding song. Dancey. Featuring Chance the Rapper and Mike Tyson.

10. HeartBreakCity- Madonna’s version of a piano ballad- not bad… Not particularly good either. Adds to the atmosphere of the album.

11. Body Shop- Bollywood sounding. Unique but forgettable.

12. Holy Water- Another weird Hip-hop type rap song. Not good.

13. Inside Out- I like! Bare and Pure.

14. Wash All Over Me- Ballad. Pretty. The Uplifting kind.

15. Best Night- conjures up images of Asian people having sex.

16. Veni Vidi Vici- Another Hip-hop infused song. Bipolar sounding.

17. S.E.X.- Slow and Seductive. What else can you expect from a song with this title.

18. Messiah- Ballad. The Dramatic and Depressing kind.

19. Rebel Heart- A favorite. Fun to sing along to. Great message. Country Madonna.

20. Beautiful Scars- Beautiful message. Calm and simple compared to a lot of the other songs on the Album.

21. Borrowed time- Another favorite. Beautiful message. Simple. Should be considered for a single.

22. Addicted- Another very ‘Madonna’ sounding song. Showcases her voice. Great Guitar Riffs.

23. Graffiti Heart- Like! Simple and Straightforward.

Overall, the songs are very well produced and Madonna’s vocals are top notch. I found that the simple songs, the ones that show Madonna’s vulnerabilities shine the brightest on the album, the Hip-hop infused ones are the weakest and most overproduced.

Verdict: Healthy. Won’t be a massive hit but will satisfy her core fanbase.

Rating: 7 out of 10.

Good Eats Cebu: Kusina Uno


1 Word: POCHERO!!! A streaming big bowl of this delicious beef soup will set you back around 400 pesos but believe me, it’s super worth it… They also have the sizzling variety which is also very good. Tried their Chicharon Bulaklak too which is almost always a safe order and I heard from very reliable sources that their Crispy Pata and Tortang Talong are also popular orders from their regulars. Open 24 hours and very near a well known call center, I’m sure this place will be around a very long time.

Crowd: Mixed
Price: A bit expensive on regular days but worth it.
Food: 9/10
Location: Panagdait, near Sykes
Airconditioning: No

❤ Happy Valentine’s Day!!! ❤

It’s that time of the year again… the day when the prices of flowers and chocolates double, paper hearts can be seen hanging everywhere and reservations are simply impossible to get… It’s Valentine’s Day!!!

In the spirit of this most festive day, I decided to give you my list of 14 movies that are perfect to watch for the occasion, whether you’re single and happy, bitter and heartbroken, or with your significant other (I tried to keep everyone in mind). Here goes, in no particular order:

1.       Dear John- A love story of a soldier and a young woman who decide to exchange letters to each other after he is deployed to the war. Starring Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried.


2.       My Best Friend’s Wedding- The story of a Food Critic who panics after her Guy Best friend calls to inform her of his impending nuptials. Starring Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Rupert Everett and Dermot Mulroney.


3.       Scott Pilgrim vs. the World- A comedy about a nerdy musician who must battle his girlfriend Ramona’s seven evil exes, who are coming to kill him.  Starring Michael Cera and has a lot of fun cameos from Chris Evans, Anna Kendrick and many more.


4.       50 First Dates- A romantic comedy about a guy who falls in love with a girl who can’t remember him after 1 day. Starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.


5.       Bridget Jones’s Diary- A modern reinterpretation of the classic Jane Austen novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’. Starring Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant.


6.       Notting Hill- A love story of a regular British joe and the most famous American Movie Star. Starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.


7.       The Notebook- The story of an elderly gentleman telling his story from his notebook to a fellow patient in a nursing home. Starring Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, James Garner and Gena Rowlands.


8.       Jerry Maguire- The story of a sports agent who comes to terms with what was really important to him in his life and the nature of love. Starring Tom Cruise, Renee Zellweger and Cuba Gooding Jr.


9.       Moulin Rouge!- The Tragic Story of a writer/poet who falls in love with the terminally-ill star of the Moulin Rouge, cabaret actress and courtesan. Starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor.


10.   Sleepless in Seattle- The story of an architect who shares his grief over the death of his wife on a radio talk show and the reporter who was listening. Starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.


11.   Ghost- The story of a Ghost trying to make contact with the woman he loves through a psychic. Starring Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg.


12.   Warm Bodies- A romantic comedy about a Zombie who falls for a Human. Starring Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer.


13.   One More Chance- The story of a couple who grew apart only to realize how much they loved each other after breaking up. Starring John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo.


14.   Titanic- The story of the most famous maritime disaster of all time and two ill-fated passengers who fell in love aboard the ship. Starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet.



Good Eats Cebu: Tagala Chicken Butterfly


Famous for their Crispy Chicken and Hot Sauce, this hole in the wall place attracts diners from all walks of life, from students to doctors who work nearby. A large chicken breast with 3 puso (hanging rice) will only cost you 53 pesos, 63 pesos if you order drinks. The Food is freshly fried (depending on the time you go) and place has airconditioning.

Crowd: Mixed
Price: Cheap
Food: 8/10
Location: Near Cebu Doctors’ University Hospital.